Manly, NSW

Manly is one of the suburbs that you will find in the northern part of Sydney. It is in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Manly is only 17 kilometers from the central business district of Sydney, so get if you want to visit Manly. This is also the administrative center of Manly Council’s local government area. This is in the Northern Beaches Region.


Manly is famous for its amazing beaches. The beaches in this place attracts so many tourists. If you go to Manly, you will truly enjoy the sandy beaches that stretches from the Queenscliff Beach up until the North Steyne Beach to Manly Beach. You will also be able to find rock pools after this stretch called the Shelly Beach and Fairy Bower. In the peninsula of Manly, you will also find a lot of beaches near or on the harbour. The prominent icon that symbolizes the beaches and the ocean of Manly is the Norfolk Island Pine.

Commercial Area

The Corso is the central commercial area of Manly. This stretches from the harbour side down to the Manly Wharf until it reaches Manly Beach. There is a mall in Corso where most people go because it allows outdoor dining in the restaurants and cafes in the area. More cafes and restaurants surrounds the area in the neighboring streets near the place. These areas are very close to or on the beaches and harbour.


There are a lot of buildings in the shores of Manly. These are apartment houses, condosĀ and more. These places are very relaxing to stay at. Since 1970, the government limited the buildings in these areas. They only allow three to four story buildings in the place to conserve the beauty of the place. The beautiful beaches that Manly has to offer is the main reason why real estate prices in the area is among the most expensive in Australia.


Manly is home to a lot of non-fiction books, though there are also fiction books coming from this place, but non-fiction books are more dominant. Lesley Thomson is one of the most famous authors in this place. Back in 1987, she wrote Seven Miles From Sydney. This is a thriller that revolves around a female screenwriter who was killed while on the Shelly Beach Jogging. This was well received in the local setting and in the entire country of Australia. This book also became a best seller in UK. Books and stories are some of the main culture in Manly.


Manly is home to the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles and the Manly-Warringah District Cricket Club. The prior is a rugby league team and the later is a rugby union. Soccer is another sport widely played in this place. They have a soccer team named the Manly Fire Air. As these are physical sports injuries is very common. So make sure you have arranged income protection in case you become ill or injured on the field and life insurance should you pass.